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Jos. A. Bank | Cut No Corners

Jos. A. Bank

Cut No Corners

Search for Jos.A.Bank and chances are, you will find it on sale. How do we make a brand known for “Super Tuesday Sale” stand for something more than sales?  Talk about values. Not just about Jos.A.Bank’s meticulous craftsmanship but values of the men who wear it. They are the kind of men who believe in the tried and true path to success. They would rather take the long road and do things the right way than look for shortcuts. That may seem old school to a hoodie sporting Millennial. But to the rest, Jos.A.Bank and the men who wear it represent the things that never go out of style: integrity, hard work and a life lived without cutting corners.


What’s wrong with cutting corners?

It’s fun and fast and you get places quickly.

But here’s the thing,

You look behind you

And something’s always not quite right.

Because when you cut a corner

You take the easy way, not the right way

And someone always knows.

Someone always feels somewhat cheated

Your friends, your team, your family,


And when you don’t cut corners

That means something.

It makes a difference.

It improves someone's day

Or life

Or business

Or clothes

Maybe your day

Maybe your life.

Your business

Your clothes.

Cut no corners

And no corners

Will cut you.