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Wolfgang Productions

The production process is part of our creative process.

Wolfgang offers full production capabilities. We’ve built a staff of multidisciplinary creatives equally skilled in directing, photography, animation and editorial as they are in art direction, writing and design.

Together, we’re able to streamline the creative process and deliver exceptional content without compromise.

This new approach also brings our clients “closer to the camera” and provides them with a range of benefits from cost savings, to quicker turnarounds, to improved communication.

What are the key benefits?


Value - Today, marketers need more content delivered in a cost-effective way. By eliminating additional layers in the production process, Wolfgang can significantly reduce costs and pass savings along to our brand partners.


Efficiency - Brands need to operate and react faster than ever before. By collapsing several fragmented entities into one, multidimensional service, Wolfgang helps brands respond more efficiently and effectively. 


Collaboration - We believe that our clients and creatives should be collaborating throughout the production process. Clients are encouraged to get “closer to the camera” - together we can be more decisive and efficient.


Accountability - Having agency and production services operating together under one roof brings an inherent accountability to all involved. With Wolfgang Productions, the team at the briefing is the same one executing production, and the same one shepherding the brand long after the camera turns off.


Scalability - Our team has successfully shot everything from Super Bowl spots, to branded content series, to one-off social posts. No project is too big, and no project is too small.


Freedom - Wolfgang Productions is by no means a mandate.  We work with brands in all types of capacities. Together we can determine the best path forward. 

Wolfgang Directors’ Showreel