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Vanity Fair | Extra Absorbent

Vanity Fair

Extra Absorbent

The napkin you’ve been waiting for.

To some, napkins are too formal. To others, they’re not absorbent enough. That’s why many people opt to use paper towels for their added absorbency. But paper towels are ugly and can stain an otherwise perfect get together.

What if there was a napkin so innovative, so soft, so absorbent, that it could replace paper towels and look good doing it?

Well, now there is. Introducing the Vanity Fair Extra Absorbent Everyday Casual Napkin. Soft as a bunny, absorbent as a paper towel, and attractive as a…napkin.

With the help of Emmy nominated actor/comedian Amy Sedaris, we created a fully integrated campaign that demonstrates the magic of this new, innovative napkin.