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The Japanese retailer, best known for essentials, was ready to launch their athleisure store, UNIQLO MOVE
We had to differentiate them from not just the likes of Nike but also H&M, Gap, Stella McCartney, Kit and Ace and all the others competing for the only bright spot in retail. We found that most brands defined athleisure as clothes for high performance activities. Life is a high performance activity. As the Lifewear brand, UNIQLO understands life and the way people move through life better than anyone else. UNIQLO MOVE is designed for High Performance Life. 

We are born moving.
It is proof we are alive.
All day, every day, we stay in motion.
We reach the top of mountains.
The top of a flight of stairs.
We bend our knee to tie our shoes or propose marriage.
We sit, we stand, we tilt back our heads in laughter.
We bow our heads forward in respect.
We text our mother, or jump on a plane and fly to her outstretched hands.
We pull a sock from the dryer.
We juggle a phone and the leash of a terrier.
We touch the face of a lover.
We all do this.

But there are certain people in this life who particularly embrace movement.
They sprint between traffic lights.
And toward their better selves.
They exercise. Learn. Travel.
Try new things, and reach new summits.
Even when they are still they move inside themselves.
Restlessly, joyously.
This daily enthusiasm.
This fervent need to change.
Because change and motion are equal in their partnership.
Yes, these people are in it to win.
But more than that, they are in it to live.
And live they do.
Without fear.
Without hesitation.
They embrace and treasure this High Performance Life.

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