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UNICEF | Generation Unlimited


Generation Unlimited

UNICEF created 'Generation Unlimited' with the goal of getting every young person in school, training, or age appropriate employment by 2030.

We had the opportunity to get UNICEF’s message in front of world leaders gathering for the General Assembly in September, where they would be discussing everything from ethnic cleansing to famine to nuclear missile threats. Unfortunately, what doesn’t make their agenda is the needs of 1.8 billion teens and youth across the world. Of those 1.8 billion, 60% live in low income and low-mid income countries, 53% didn’t attend school in 2016, and 21.8% have no employment, training, or education. With so many  urgent, distressing items to discuss, we thought world leaders could use a little bit of optimism, not more doom. So we created these simple, powerful messages that position today’s young people as tomorrow’s problem solvers. That’s what the world desperately needs. Now, more than ever before.