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Sparkle | Make The Bright Choice


Make The Bright Choice

Make The Bright Choice

Everyday messes are small, not big.

A drop of coffee here, a splat of soup there, greasy fingers, a water ring, a teaspoon, a muddy paw print. These are ordinary, everyday messes. Not the end of the world.

But for years, other paper towel brands have been trying to convince people otherwise. They want everyone using their expensive, overly engineered paper towels everyday, for everything. And that’s messed up.

The good news is, the Sparkle® Fairy is back. She’s refreshed, re-energized and more determined than ever to help people everywhere make smart choices and save money.

Using her signature charm, friendly ways, and wit, the Sparkle® Fairy helps everyone, “Make The Bright Choice.”

Evolution of the Sparkle Fairy

For the launch of this campaign we were tasked with evolving the Sparkle Fairy and giving her character a refresh. We cast and introduced a new spokesperson. We also conducted an in-depth costume redesign exploration.

Given that we were evolving an existing character, we paid close attention to what had been done in the past. We also took inspiration from the Fairy that appears on the packaging. Having the printed icon and spokesperson closely linked would create more brand synergy.

We used the brands signature blue as the primary color and then introduced secondary and tertiary colors that were pulled from the wings on the packaging.

Fairy Wing Approach

For the main film content, we opted to create CGI fairy wings. We wanted them to feel as realistic as possible, building them entirely in post gave us complete control of their movement, texture and opacity. Like other body parts, we wanted her wings to be able to react to various emotions and conversations. Having the two wings rigged independently also allowed them to move in different ways, adding to the overall look and feel.