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Wolfgang Absorbs Sparkle Account

Wolfgang Absorbs Sparkle Account

Georgia-Pacific paper towel brand Sparkle has named Los Angeles agency and brand consultancy Wolfgang as its lead creative agency, expanding an existing relationship between Georgia-Pacific and Wolfgang. Wolfgang has previously worked across Brawny paper towels, Dixie cups and Vanity Fair napkins.

Wolfgang Absorbs Sparkle Account

The appointment follows a virtual pitch which include one other agency, according to a source with knowledge of the process.

“Brands across the Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products portfolio have had a great relationship with Wolfgang, and that gives us a lot of confidence in our decision to partner with them on the work for Sparkle,” Sparkle senior brand building manager Priti Lokre said in a statement. “The team at Wolfgang has a unique ability to help brands creatively break-through to consumers, and we are excited to work together to bring the Sparkle® brand to life in a new and engaging way.”

“Georgia-Pacific believes in both the discipline of data and the power of creativity,” Wolfgang president Seema Miller said in a statement. “We love working with them because they want us to do our best work and truly treat us as partners.”

Wolfgang has also produced a number of ads for Georgia-Pacific through its Wolfgang Productions arm.

“Regarding Wolfgang Productions, there are real benefits to seeing projects through from start to finish. This new approach has brought our Georgia-Pacific clients ‘closer to the camera’ and provided them with a range of benefits and efficiencies, while still maintaining a high quality of work. It’s not the right approach for every project, but it’s proven to be highly effective,” Wolfgang CCO Colin Jeffery said in a statement.

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