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More Sport | Additional sports related work

More Sport

Additional sports related work

NFL. Built for football families.

Kia’s alignment with NBA reinforced its youthful, fun persona. Then thanks to Hyundai (its sibling car brand), Kia found itself with a media buy on Sunday Night Football, right in the thick of the concussion and anti-NFL storm. Football fans, however, were undeterred in their fandom. Defiantly so. Kia echoed their sentiments in a refreshingly un-PC campaign.

Tecmo Bo

The MVP of SUVs.

Having proved that Kia gets real NFL fans, we took it further. We did something only real NFL fans would get: Tecmo Bo. The real Bo Jackson in a real Kia Sorento, in the classic 8-bit Tecmo Bowl game. We even replayed the famous Bo Jackson-Brian Bosworth run over, with a modern, Kia twist. The campaign let true fans relive their 8-bit glory.


Fit for a King.

After success with Blake, Kia signed on the King, LeBron James, for a three-year deal. How does a brand known for quirky, self-deprecating humor work with one of the most revered athletes of all time? Put him in Kia’s luxury car, the K900 and find his human side. Fans tweeted effusively with disbelief. The King wouldn’t drive a Kia. Our next campaign showed a playful LeBron reading the tweets and disproving them. Of course, Richard Jefferson’s video on Snapchat of Lebron in his Kia, helped a bit.

Michelle Wie

A new way to roll.

When Kia signed on LPGA star, Michelle Wie as spokesperson for the Soul, there was nothing country club about it. And that was just the beginning. The campaign showed Soul and Wie shattering old clichés. We also worked with Wie to create a style guide for her tour accessories and social media that made golf seem more fun and youthful. All this, years before the Women’s March.