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Unlike other sports, baseball & softball have always been divided along gender lines. Yet the two games posses the same DNA, and—in the eyes of major sports brands like adidas—much of the same equipment. So we decided to do what should have been done a long time ago - we tore down the wall dividing them, and created one, unified Dugout. In fact, that’s exactly what we called it.

Launched in 2021, the adidas Dugout represents the merging of two key business units to reflect modern times. A kickoff film featuring some of baseball & softball’s biggest stars introduced the new name while delivering a message of solidarity. Custom softball player cards gave young girls a chance to see their heroes in printed form; just like their baseball brethren.

We also created a new brand logo & design system for Dugout, and built completely new social channels from scratch. The Dugout launch marks the highest view-count and engagement of to date of adidas baseball & softball combined.